Trump bans Muslims. Oh No!

By: jamesbaxley The President of the United States has banned Muslims. The reasoning behind the temporary ban is for the safety of Americans, exemptions though, would be handled on a case-by-case basis. Donald Trump is banning Muslims? He's an animal!Oh wait. That was the Democratic president Jimmy Carter. In 1980, Carter banned Iranian Muslims from entering … Continue reading Trump bans Muslims. Oh No!


Madonna andLeft-Wing Fascism

Madonna andLeft-Wing FascismBy: jamesbaxleyEuphemisms are expressions used in place of words, phrases, or actions which are offensive. Politicians and musicians are the biggest purveyors of euphemisms.  George Orwell, the author of 1984 once said “Political speech and writing are largely the defense of the indefensible . . . thus political language has to consist largely … Continue reading Madonna andLeft-Wing Fascism

Twitter is Failing

Twitter is FailingBy: jamesbaxleyThe social justice warriors are at it again, trying to pressure Twitter into suspending Donald Trump’s Twitter account. A poll taken in December from Quinnipiac University reveals that 59 per cent of respondents said Trump “should shut down his personal Twitter account.” In addition to the poll, an online petition calling for Twitter to suspend … Continue reading Twitter is Failing

John Kerry Becomes Hypocritical

John Kerry Becomes HypocriticalBy: jamesbaxleyAccording to the United States Secretary of State John Kerry, it's “inappropriate” for Donald Trump to be meddling in the “politics of other countries.” John Kerry continues, "The U.S. shouldn’t be upfront about their criticisms of the policies of other countries."  In an interview with the Bild newspaper and the Times … Continue reading John Kerry Becomes Hypocritical