The Trump Family


Trump Struck Down by the Ninth Circus

By jamesbaxley Whenever a President discovers that a group of people, such as Muslims are entering the United States would be a risk to its citizens, he can suspend indefinitely the entrance of that group. The United States Code § 1182 even states this as fact.This is what President Donald Trump did. He did not … Continue reading Trump Struck Down by the Ninth Circus

The Intolerant Left Hands Trump A Victory

By jamesbaxley Remember during the 2016 election primaries how the Left condemned violence? Remember when Hillary Clinton said Donald Trump will be a “sore loser” if he “doesn't accept the results of the election”? Maybe somebody should remind them about what Clinton said.Trump has said several times that their critics [liberals] can’t tolerate disagreement. If … Continue reading The Intolerant Left Hands Trump A Victory

Trump Wins

By jamesbaxleyDo they really think the riots are going to change the way people think about President Trump and his supporters? What this is doing is giving Trump and his supporters more legitamacy. The progressives and Liberals are destroying themselves and most importantly their message. The "Free Speech" movement started at Berkeley by the Liberals … Continue reading Trump Wins

Madonna andLeft-Wing Fascism

Madonna andLeft-Wing FascismBy: jamesbaxleyEuphemisms are expressions used in place of words, phrases, or actions which are offensive. Politicians and musicians are the biggest purveyors of euphemisms.  George Orwell, the author of 1984 once said “Political speech and writing are largely the defense of the indefensible . . . thus political language has to consist largely … Continue reading Madonna andLeft-Wing Fascism